Taoism and What makes me different as a Multi-Talent


As a multi-talent we have many facets and yet we are one individual.  Taoism is about simply accepting yourself.  Discover who you are.  Your nature is ever changing and is always the same.   You experience many contradictions within yourself.   Do not try to resolve the contradictions; instead learn to accept your nature.  Taoism is the acceptance of your life.

Research the various characteristics of multi-talents, gifted, creative, high abilities.  Search yourself to identify your characteristics.  The understanding comes with accepting this is who you are and how you experience life.

Taoism is acceptance, finding peace and enabling possibility.  As a multi-talent your path may be very colorful.  No wrong path exists.  Recognizing the details and acknowledging the differences is part of the path to acceptance.  Acceptance of each person’s differences including our own is part of the path.  Acknowledging differences and how the differences support our essence leads to finding a peace.

The contradictions, the idiosyncrasies, the various characteristics, bring a smile which enables possibility.  Take time to explore and relax.  Trust your gut feeling and your instincts.  Discoveries of self will aid in keeping the mind, body, and spirit engaged and strong.

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