Personal Development is a Journey


We are all on the journey of personal development either consciously or by default.  Either way makes life an adventure.

175_roundDuring the last 14 weeks we have been exploring personal development for multi-talents through a Clean-Language approach.  As Judy Rees relates:  This approach at the basic level is a set of twelve questions from which assumptions and metaphors have been ‘cleansed’ as far as possible.  These questions are good for obtaining information in a structured way that helps to get a really clear understanding of what you mean.   Combined with metaphors a person uses, creating a bridge between their consciousness and unconscious minds.  This can be a profound personal exploration: a route to deeper understanding of ourselves, to transcending limiting beliefs and behaviors, and to resolution and healing.

The posts can be revisited many times to explore the bridge between the conscious and the conscious.  The questions are all what questions not whys – letting go of judgement and discovering with open eyes.

The next 14 weeks will be discovering personal development of multi-talents from the perspective of Taoism.  Recall ‘The Tao of Pooh’?  We will go through the same process of Understanding, Overcoming, Developing, Expressing and Connecting.   Enjoy the journey.  Ask questions.  Share insights.  Let’s connect and converse.

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