Environments Internal and External Affect Multi-Talents

feather pic 2Let’s start with our internal environment.  Our kaleidoscope of emotions, ideas, self-doubts, passions, etc. all whirl together in many colors and patterns.  The experience can be one of overwhelm or exuberance.  With awareness of the way we function we can make choices regarding the experience.  We can choose to know the calm within the chaos and how to return to that point as needed.  We can ride the roller coaster and fly with the wind and the excitement.  We can be at ease when we are still and when we are at full tilt.

External environments affect our sensitivities and we adjust with accommodations and moderations.  External environments also relate to the different places we interact with a variety of people.  Here we need to know, what our current experience is.  What do we want to experience in this environment?  How are we interacting and what do we value in this environment?  Experiencing ease is reflected in our awareness of our needs, expectations, and the dynamics of a specific environment.  Ease will not always be present.  It is knowing your center point and being able to return their by choice that will provide ease – smooth flowing even through rapids in the stream of life.

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