Multi-Talents and Creating Consistently

feather pic 2Multi-talents can be proliferous with their creations, run into blocks and struggle with creating anything, never finish any creation, not know where to start, or have a practice that works for them.  The question is do we want to create consistently?  Creating is part of who we are.  Our creations take many forms.  Honoring that ingrained component of our being contributes to our living life with fulfillment.  Yes creating is important to us and has value to our being.

There are those that create and experience the flow unceasingly.  This can also be an experience of obsession and that might need to be reined in for functional balance.  There is a need to respect all your needs and responsibilities so that you can continue to create with enjoyment.

There are those who struggle with knowing where to start.  We have so many interests, ideas, pictures that choosing is near impossible.  We need to give ourselves permission to start without the requirement of finishing.  We can decide to try something new once a month.  We can plan to indulge in creating in one format for a month at a time or 3 months, or a year and then choose to move to another.  We do not need to choose.  We do need to begin.

There are those that have many projects started and well developed, but never finished.  The projects are finished because of not being perfect or not good enough.  Perfection is not the goal.  It is the uniqueness, the imperfections, the ‘messiness’ that is part of the individual expression.  Work on the project(s) until you are complete with the process of expressing and then it is done.  We can choose that the expression will be just for us or to share.

Also, with projects started and not finished – we may need to identify what our passion and talent is relative to the project and let someone else’s talent take it the next step.  That is the fun part of respecting our own and others talents.  That is the part about being a community, a village to make things happen.

Creating is a process, a journey, much more than the finished product.  Creating in the evolution provides us with the opportunity to explore and develop ourselves.  Being in our flow is an experience we long for and meld with in mind, body, and spirit.  Creating lets us learn and gain mastery in a talent area.  Creating is joy.  Creating is an expression of us for ourselves and/or the world.  Be yourself. Create.  Live, Love and Laugh.

What is your creating experience?  What is your creating process?

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