Expressing for the World as a Multi-Talent

175_roundTalents galore!  Passion abounds!  Solutions are seen for multitude of problems and needs.  Beauty Lies within and without.  All is in the venues of expression of multi-talents.

A responsibility and/or a desire to create, within the world or for the world, rings true within our being.

The rapid pace of ideas, solutions, creations, to weld our internal magic for impact in the world.


What would you like to happen?

What needs to happen for your expression of multi-talents in the world?

What kind of expression of your multi-talents is needed to have the impact you see?

What happens with the expression of your multi-talents?


It is the impact; the solutions; the experience of the art/music for others that solidifies the expression of the talent(s).


What is the relationship between the talents and the expression?

And is there anything else?

Share your journey