Expressing for Me as a Multi-Talent

175_roundThere is magic and mystery in all these talents that are experienced easily.  Expressing the talents is a necessity; a passion; a flow of joy.  The need is for me to see what I can do, to complete, to create, to get out of my head and make it a reality.  Privately, experiencing the being through expression.

What is it about expressing talents?

What kind of expression is the expression?

What is the relationship between the expression and me as a multi-talent?

The expression of talents, yes the multi-talents, in various forms, areas, venues – just to do it and experience – has value.  The expression is the life blood of existence.

What needs to happen for the expression of the talent(s)?  And then what happens?   What happens just before the expression?

The creative frustration, the blocks, the flow, the energy high and low, the contentment all are part of the process.

And is there anything else about expressing for me as a multi-talent?

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