Connecting with others like me as a Multi-Talent

175_roundConnecting with others like us provides an opportunity for conversations where we can be understood, accepted, and delve into a topic.  Connecting with others like us means we are not alone.  We can share, commiserate, challenge, mentor and support each other.

What would you like to happen in connecting with others like you?

What needs to happen for you to connect with others like you?

Social, professional, specialty connections are available.  What are your talents and interests?

What do you want/need through connection of like people?

Such organization as Mensa, American Association of University Women, business associations, professional organizations of engineers, lawyers, doctors, musicians, theater, etc., provide opportunities for connecting.

What can you gain?  What can you contribute?  What relations will come from the connections?

And whereabouts is the need/desire for connecting located within you?  What is the need/desires shape, size, sensation?  What is that like?  And what is it like when you connect?

What relationship does connecting have to you as a multi-talent?

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