Connecting with others as a Multi-Talent

175_roundDay in and day out we interact with a wide variety of people.  How effective are we in making those connections?  We have families, coworkers, neighbors, colleagues, community members that are intertwined in our daily lives.  Understanding and being understood facilitates communication and activities.

And how you know when you have connected with others?

What is that connection like with:          Family





Community Members?

What can happen when connected with others?


The forming of community is dependent on communication and connections among the members.  The function of a team to engage in and accomplish tasks benefits from connections.  Problems can be solved.  Houses can be built.  Fun can be had.

And then what happens?

What possibilities exist with connections with others in our daily lives?

Connections will not always be smooth and helpful.  There will be time to deal with miscommunications, differences of opinion and goals.   Where could that disconnect have come from?  And what then needs to happen?

What else is there about connecting with others as a multi-talent?

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