Connecting the Dots as a Multi-Talent

175_roundConnecting the dots of the big picture is something that comes naturally and yet there can be gaps.  Other times that is exactly what we see is the gaps in the big picture and opportunities or solutions to fill the gaps – complete the connecting of the dots.

There is also the aspect of connecting the dots within which can be a struggle to connect the many aspects of who we are as a multi-talent.

What are the dots we see?  What connections or gaps do we see between them?  What has to happen for the dots to connect?  What is it about connecting the dots that can drive us?

What do we want to happen when we see and/or connect the dots?  What relationship has connecting the dots in the world have to connecting the dots within?

Are there fragments, bling spots, gaps that can be joined together, more clearly seen, or bridged?  And what needs to happen for that to happen?

The patterns we see and the experience are like a kaleidoscope with an ever changing picture.  Yet with all the change there are connections among the dots.   Where are the dots locations?  What are there shapes and size?  What else is there to know about the dots and the in between?

Yes ask and discover both in the world and within.

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