Self-Talk in the Mind of a Multi-Talent

feather pic 2Multi-talents racing minds allow for many, many thoughts and ideas.  A multitude of those thoughts are creative eggs waiting to be incubated and hatched – developed and expressed.  Many others will get in our way by sabotaging our self-concept, our self-esteem, our feelings, our actions and our relationships.  They are our thoughts that criticize and devalue our well-being and expression.   We are on a journey and our thoughts are part of the instructions.  Our ‘self-talk’ needs to access our intuition and the reservoir of wisdom within and without.

Some of the beliefs we may have integrated – are I am not good enough; I never complete anything; I am not as smart as everyone thinks I am; what I do is not good enough and/or not perfect; I can’t do or be  _______; I am a fake; I can’t focus; …..     These turn into persistent conversations with ourselves – not very encouraging self-talk.  Are they factual?  Can we reframe these conversations?

We need to look at valuing the process and not just the outcomes.  The journeys of learning and becoming are lifelong.  Each step of the journey is an experience to acknowledge and even celebrate.   Movement is the answer to stagnation.  We want to be in the flow and engage the flow frequently.  A completion is an ending and a new beginning.

Listing our talents, your accomplishments, your creations, your completed projects show us the many avenues on our journey.  Breathing to pause between thoughts, ideas, projects, expressions let us rejuvenate and fuel the journey.  Looking at what we see as failures and identifying what was gained or learned reframes the experience and moves us along on journey.  Ways to note the fleeting ideas create stepping stones for further progress on our journey.

We can benefit from monitoring our self-talk.  We can modify our self-talk by reframing those conversations.  We can examine the beliefs that support our self-talk to determine the reality.  We can provide the support, kindness, respect, self-love we desire.  We can take time to celebrate each step on the journey.  Set a time daily for celebration, gratitude, simple pleasures, and moments of peace.

Know yourself and create the self-talk to become.

What is your self-talk?  Do you want to change it?  Do you have hints for others?

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