Overwhelmed as a Multi-Talent

feather pic 2That oh so too frequent experience of feeling overwhelmed day in and day out.  We have so many things going on in our head, our sensations, our daily activities that we can get lost in the shuffle.  We need to find our center so that we can return their often and on the spur of the moment.  Yes like in Peter Pan we need to find our happy place.

When do you feel calm, rested, energized, in control, balanced, ready to go? 

What preparations, routines, rituals, tools help you achieve centering and/or return to center? 

Like with an athlete that has trained until the action/reaction is in muscle memory, we need to do the same for centering.   Simple basics such as regular sound sleep or breathing – three deep breaths are a great help to overwhelm.  Physical self-care is the starting point for an overall center.   That involves healthy eating, exercise, rest, water, and play.  This means, if we get in the flow and are intensely focused, breaks for self-care will need to be implemented.  The creative juices will not stop running with a break.

To be effective in caring for others, we need to come from center.  We need to have boundaries and be able to say no.  We need to have a reserve for those unexpected demands.  We need to use a combined calendar/schedule for the family so all can take responsibility for the multitude of activities and demands on our time.  We need to be able to ask for help.

To manage the multitude of demands on our time, preparation of the checklist, clothing, backpacks/briefcases can be done the night before.  Planning in rejuvenation time whether that is journaling, walking, a fun activity, meditation, or whatever if important also.

Routines are a tool for managing the chaos, the overwhelm, the excitabilities.  Flexibility is still part of the formula.  Rigidity is not the answer.  Find your center.  Know what helps you to return to center.  Practice so that you have your center at your beckon call.  Yes, have your center in muscle memory (remember the brain is a muscle).

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