Love as Multi-Talent 02/12/15

feather pic 2Oh how I love and how I want to be loved.  The intensity of the joy of love and the devastation and pain of love lost.  Sounds like over the top romantic gobbledygook.  However, as a multi-talent with intense emotions and extreme sensitivities the pendulum does swing that high or low.  On the other hand, our experience of the moment – sights, sounds, smells, touch, can be an impassioned experience of love.  One moment of contented connection with the universe – love.

Love of self is fundamental.  This means understanding and accepting who we are.  It means honoring the multi-talents we have in expression.  It means caring for ourselves, yes, self-care through healthy measures, such as: rest, food, water, solitude, connecting with others, saying no, accommodating our sensitivities, and expressing ourselves …  Love of self also involves giving and receiving of love.

Giving and receiving love to others that are significant to us and those we encounter everyday provides the dynamic of living a heart lead life.   This is not meaning every moment is oh so rosy.   It means we are conscious of where we are at and how we engage with others.  We recognize ours and others’ full spectrum of emotions.  And in that recognition choose the response that is heartfelt – that comes from our values – our intention for life.

Oh yes the intensities are very much a part of us.  We can breathe in the moment and get some oxygen to the brain so that we can choose the expression of love in that moment.  May today and everyday be a red letter day of love for you in giving and receiving in love as a multi-talent.


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