Giving and Receiving Compliments as a Multi-Talent

feather pic 2Authenticity comes very much into play with giving and receiving of compliments.  We have very fine filters to detect and screen out the sarcasm.  We have received many mixed messages.  Then we have expectations (ours and others) of perfectionism.  However, the dilemma appears with a focus on the end product.  Complementing the process and the progress recognizes the ability in action, the effort, the learning, the flow of the expression.

Authentically complimenting the process translates to complimenting the beingness of the individual.  It is honoring spirit within us and not the result.  In doing so, we encourage further development, exploration, and expression.  We counteract the feeling of ‘not enough’ or ‘I’ll be found out’.  It will also, minimize the expectation of having to always perform and to perform with perfection.

To receive means we acknowledge our own multi-talents and show respect for ourselves and the one giving the compliment.  We want to show grace and gratitude.  We want to connect honestly with ourselves and others.  Giving and receiving compliments is part of our development as a multi-talent.  It involves facilitating our sensitivities as they are part of our authentic expression.

So I say to each of you, Thank You for complimenting me by reading and joining me here affirming ourselves and others as multi-talents!

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