Balance as a Multi-Talent

175_roundWe can have singular focus and loose awareness of anything else.  We can have so many ideas or talents we do not know where to begin.  Balance is an approach within which we can make choices.  Balance is different for each of us.

What is balance for us as a multi-talent?  As an individual what is balance?  And is there anything else about balance?

Looking at balance for ourselves – are we considering how we spend our time?  How is our health?  How are our relationships?  How is our personal growth and talent expression?  And do you know where there is balance?  What does balance look like, feel like?

What needs to happen for there to be balance?  What would you like to happen?  And, then what happens?  What happens before?

Flow, relaxation, stimulation, alone, together, quiet, sensations… What are their relationships to your balance?  What else is there about these and other aspects of life and balance?

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