Abilities as a Multi-Talent

175_roundAbilities or our talents are those innate aspects that come easily and naturally to us as multi-talents.  Some of these abilities we have interests and passions for; but maybe not all of them.  We pursue various talents by choice, guidance or expectations.  We stumble as we pursue the talents because our express is not good enough, not perfect, self-doubt that we will be found out as not “really” talented.   Clarification, understanding, and developing talents through mastery, owns our talents.

A place to start – What are our talents?  Yes, what kind of talent are our talents?  And what else is there about these talents?

What talents – generating ideas, dance, music (playing, singing, composing), athletics, math, science, negotiating, art, etc.

So what is there about our talents?

What would you like to happen with that talent(s)?  What has to happen before that happens?

What is mastery of the talent?  Is mastery a destination or a journey?  Is mastery a process or a result?  What is the relationship between talent and mastery?

We mentioned at the beginning the self-doubt, no good enough, not perfect.  What does that look like?  And whereabouts is that located within us?  Yes, where is it physically located?   And that is like what?  Where could that have come from?

Abilities exist, can lay dormant, and can be experienced.  What talents can we explore, engage, develop, and express?  What is the relationship between our talents and who we are?

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