You’re Great! Can’t be Talking about ME.

feather pic 2As multi-talented women many times we are amazed by the outstanding contribution, performance, presentation… expression by other multi-talented females.  We ooohhhh and aaahhh over what they have done.  We respond with accolades of their magnificence.  We shower them with praise and recognition.  We greet them with enthusiasm and are so happy for their “success”.

However, we doubt ourselves if others espouse such displayed affection or appreciation toward us.  We negate their statement or disregard them.  Or we are so scared they will find out the truth – that we are an imposter, not nearly what they proclaimed we are.   We are so uncertain of the value of our own talents.  We know how far off from perfection each exhibit is.

In the process of denying / avoiding the praise / appreciation we are being disrespectful.  Disrespectful of – 1) what they see and their generous nature to reach out and congratulate us; and 2) ourselves being worthy of such praise, and the investment we have made in the expression.   Affection involves mutual respect. It involves honoring the soul within each of us.  To know and honor ourselves, our talents, and our expressions is to empower others to do the same.  Humility is appropriate.  Self-deprecation is not.  Through humility we recognize the journey of a master and know no points is the destination.

Appreciation is a form of gratitude.  We are thankful for sharing the experience of our gifts, talents, joys, passions, and life.  By accepting the appreciation with an open heart we express our gratitude in their joining our journey and connecting with our experience.

Through mutual exchange of appreciation, affirming the expression of life through our multi-talents we are creating a bond, a connection that builds strength and harmony.  The connections of strength and harmony are a drop in the pond that then ripples out to each corner of the world.

Let me say I appreciate who you are, your many talents, the diversity of your expressions; the pattern of joy and harmony that you create within and without.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for appreciating me by connecting here. Namaste.


  1. I appreciate you taking the time to write and share this post. I found myself relating so much to it and have grown over the years in my willingness and ability to accept appreciation and praise from others. Have a blessed week!

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