Space in Your Life for Fun, Rest, and Play

feather pic 2You know that blank space (margins) around the page full of words, it has a function.  Let’s see – 1) It makes it easier to read the words, 2) it lets you make notes or put asterisks to point our important stuff, 3)  it allows for doodling if listening to someone talk about the words, and ….

Well we need margins in our life too.  We have work, family responsibilities, household responsibilities, to do lists, and so forth, that fills the page with words.  We have sensitivities, over-excitabilities, racing thoughts, numerous ideas, etcetera, that fill the page with words.  We can add self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastination, worry, anxiety, that fill the page also.

The space that surrounds it all and makes it readable is blank.  Creating or allowing for an opportunity for a change in pace, time to breather, to not think, to let go or hang low, a time to play, have fun, or rest is necessary to keep it all together.

We can benefit from being deliberate about having that blank space to 1) manage life in general, 2) asses our needs and practice balance, 3) relax and rejuvenate.  It is that time to sing, dance, jump for joy, laugh, sleep, meditate, connect with nature, explore, discover, watch the clouds, build with Legos, or whatever suits your fancy.

The white space around the words is concrete and defined.  Our time for fun, rest, and play needs to be as important.  The words can spill across the page.  The responsibilities can fill all the time of every day.  Set the margins.  Set the time for fun, rest, and play.  It makes the words easier to read.

How do you set the margins? How do you make that time for fun, rest, and play?

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