Driving Force as a Multi-Talent

We are l175_roundooking at our internal driving force – values, beliefs, needs, goals, passions – we have many.  They        impact our choices, decisions and our point of view.

Let’s explore this a little further so what may be unconscious and automatic can become conscious choice.

Values are what we choose as important characteristics/guidance to live life by.  To explore this what kind of values are your values?

There are many value lists available.  As quickly as you can, name ten of your values.  Examples – Patience, Success, Creativity, Family, Career, Justice, Honesty, Respect, Learning, Joy

What kind of values are these?

The values relate to personal qualities, qualities expected in interpersonal relations, qualities within community and connecting, and qualities of life experiences.

Where could the values have come from?

Values can come from what you have seen demonstrated within family or community and; you want to emulate them.  Or could be seeing certain ones demonstrated you may want to avoid them.

Values can come from training, learning, studies, conscious thought/choice, intuition, innate knowing, and…

Take a moment and answer – what kind of values are your values?  Where could the values have come from?

Now let’s repeat the process with beliefs.  Beliefs are those thoughts, information, perspectives we have identified as truths.

What kind of beliefs are your beliefs?  Do you believe you are worthy or smart?  Do you believe the earth is flat or round?  Do you believe in talents? Abilities? Genetic traits/characteristics?

What kind of beliefs are your beliefs – Personal, local, cultural, worldly, scientific, religious….?

And how do you know when it is a belief to keep or change?

And is there anything else about your values or beliefs??????

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