Smart, but what and where are the connections?

Smart with many talents can leave us with the feeling of being all alone in a crowd.  When can stand out like a sore thumb or being hidden away 175_roundin a corner.  Joining a conversation can be like entering a foreign land – there are no connections.  However, connecting with others is part of our needs as a human being.

A challenge is connecting with those that are smart multi-talents also.  In most cases we will not be just alike, but we will ‘get’ the smart and the multi-talent components.  This will increase our ability to relate and tolerance from/to each other.  Connecting with others that are similar will also allow for stimulation and cultivation of our abilities.  It will be an invigorating experience.  It provides the connection so that we know we are not alone.  It adds to our journey, development, enjoyment in life.  It does take effort.  It is rewarding.

Connecting with others in general presents its own challenge.  As multi-talents our minds are racing.  We see big pictures and details, details, details.  We comprehend concepts and have ideas galore.  However, we are in contact with a variety of people every day.  We interact with others in various settings.  We need to communicate with others.  People skills may or may not be our forte.  We have a variety of abilities and skills.  We can apply them to developing people skills and facilitating communication.  This is advantageous for us and them.  It provides the opportunity to synchronize possibilities and relationships.

Remember the dot to dot pictures we completed as children.  Many times it seemed very boring as the picture was obvious to us.  Then making the connections from the problem to the solution in many cases seemed so obvious also.  Yet we had difficulty in explaining how we made the connections.  The ability to see a big picture and to make connections of various diverse points or concepts is part of the talent that leads to discoveries and solutions.  It is a form a connection that comes naturally for us and can have a major impact on a small or large scale.  Recognize, respect, and facilitate the ability to connect the dots in the world around you.

What connections are you making today?  What connections do you need to make today?  How do you connect with others like you, with others around you, and to the big pictures?

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