Smart, what is there to develop?

We can have intelligence in many areas and outstanding abilities in one or more.  It does not mean our expression is well developed.  An obvious example is music is your talent and piano is your instrument.  Practice and development of the talent to master the skill for a desired expression is necessary.  Immersing ourselves in an area for the delight of flow and the experience – practice, discovery – leads to expertise.  Mastery is a journey and will provide peaks along the way.  Also in pursuing Mastery there will be plateaus and sticking with the development is necessary to have the opportunity for further aha moments.

175_roundMany times we have areas that we are not as talented in that can augment what we are pursuing and are enthusiastic about.  That requires us to learn how to learn.  Yes we need to try and make mistakes.  We need to diligently practice something that does not come easy.  We need to apply ourselves to develop additional abilities.

We need to recognize that perfection is not a reality.  We need to develop the attitude of excellence.  This will develop a strategy of dealing with procrastination and not finishing projects.  We can benefit from developing breathing and observing our expression from an outside view and acknowledge with satisfaction its completion.

Flow and singular focus helps us to create and express.  However, our needs stretch beyond that aspect of ourselves, require more than just delving into our talent(s).  We need to develop balance for our various needs and values.  We want to balance our immersions with recovery time.  We want to balance our singularly focus with observations of the world around us.  We want to balance our alone time with connecting with family and others.

Developing each aspect contributes to our desire of self-discovery and growth.  What will you practice today?  What path will you map for your journey of mastery, balance, and life?

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