Smart – but what, where, how to express

As multi-talents there is a drive to create and express our various talents.  There is a passion to explore and experience our multitude of interests.  There are times we just want to do so in the quiet of our own space and other times we want to shout it out to the world.  There is the question of what, where and how to express ourselves.

crochet mandalaWe dabble with our talents at times and that is a delightful sensation with the purpose of pure pleasure.  Others times we immerse ourselves within the flow for a major project and/or the process of mastery.  The desire can be one to contribute significantly, to right an injustice, or solve a problem.

It is part of the process to recognize our talents and respect ourselves.  Next it is confidence that is needed to and gained through expression.  Start with the value of the expression for ourselves, for being true to who we are and our internal drive.  Then there is the value and responsibility of our expression to those around us and the world.  A single simple expression at a moment in time impacts the person we touch and has a ripple effect.  A well thought out diligently arranged project/solutions can make significant change.  Persistent delving into possibilities can create an aha or stumble into unintended or unexpected result with tremendous application.

Expression fuels our exuberance.  Expression gives us meaning.  Expression can be any many forms.  Expression for self is to honor oneself.  Expression for others is to add meaning.  Expression is the discovery in the journey.  Express whatever, whenever and how ever is you!

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