Smart, but where is the understanding?

Where is the understanding?  Smart and can figure out a million things.  On the other hand, why can’t others get it?  Frequently asked and pondered.  Also, lack of understanding felt so deep that a whirlwind of chaos is experienced.

175_roundBeing multi-talented sets the scene for a dynamic with understanding and misunderstanding.  Need to start with the essential facts, do we understand ourselves.  Are we aware that having multiple high abilities is a hard wire difference from the general population?  Do we understand we have physiological elements that result in characteristics of hypersensitivities of sound, light, touch, smell, taste; emotional reactivity; entelechy and worldly justice; high energy; rapid pace of mind for ideas, creativity and inquisitiveness?   Do we understand that these idiosyncrasies are our norm? Do we grasp the impact of family, culture, community, environment, and place in time effect who we are?  Yes we are smart, and questioning are self is natural, but have we done some serious introspection with the knowledge of what the facets are to being a multi-talent?

With understanding of ourselves we can acknowledge our differences and also communicate those differences.  Communicating those differences can start with identifying and expressing our needs and being clear in our requests for help.  We cannot do it all and do it all alone, even as multi-talents.  We need support, guidance, resources, too.

Understanding our differences then allows us to bring in checks and balances for our expressions with our overexcitabilites.   We need to discover the various options, means, and resources for facilitating our expression through the reality of excess.  By knowing and applying what we learn we can interact with others with greater success.  We are smart.  It is applying that smart in an avenue that seemed unnecessary until we increased our awareness of the differences.

The whirlwind of chaos has a calm center.  Our goal is to know the calm center and be able to reach it at will.  Understanding is part of what allows us to access the calm center.  Take the risk, the strength, the determination through the winds on the journey to the calm center.

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