Smart, but so hard to overcome

Too much to overcome.  Feeling lost and alone.  There is so much chaos and pain.  Every day is a roller coaster of emotions and sensations.  Then the expectations rain down.

Being multi-talented means experiencing everything with intensity and extremes.  It is part of who we are.  It is also the part that results in discomfort in others.  Our response to their reactions is highly sensitive.   We have the feeling of being out of sync and not fitting in.

175_roundOur zealousness leads to delightful discoveries and can chase others off.  We can channel the energy for productivity and enjoyment.  We can insight enthusiasm in others.

We can stagnate with expectations or persist until the vision is reality.  We can feel like nothing is finished as it is not perfect or bask in the radiance of excellence.

We can avoid our environment or we can embrace the multiple exquisite sensations.   We can learn to manage the extremes and relish the variety in our experiences.

We can go it alone or reach out to others – that can relate – that care – that will join us in the journey.  It is important we are who we are!  It is important to sense and feel the world.  It is important to put forth our expressions and do great things no matter how large or small.  It is in the act of being that we overcome.

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