Understanding the World Inside and Out

175_roundBeing human – that is fairly common.  However, being a high ability creative multi-talented individual is a totally different story.  Finding others that can relate to the rapid fire ideas and multiple patterns of connections is not so easy.

The world inside a multi-talent is one of many ideas, many perspectives, many alternatives, many views, many emotions, much confusion, strong drives, all mixing and matching at the same time.  It is a world of contained chaos that may feel out of control.  It is a world of questions and imagination.  It is a world of high energy and extremes.  It is a world of mystery and wonder.

The world outside a multi-talent lacks understanding of the internal world.  It is a world that seems confining.  The outside world is difficult to relate in.  It expects us to conform or excel on their terms.  The outside world doesn’t get it, see it, relate to it and it is so obvious to the multi-talent.

The inside world is full of complexity and no absolutes.  The possibilities that exist within the inside world are limitless.  The directions and interests are vast.  The beginnings are never ending.  The endings are innumerable.

The outside world provides structure, status quo, routines, and established patterns.  The outside world offers an environment, a community, and connections.  The outside world can offer recognition, rewards, and accolades.

Day in and day out both the inside world and the outside world is experienced.  Understanding starts with an awareness and acknowledgement of the components of both worlds.    Understanding is further developed learning how the two worlds interrelate, overlap, and can be integrated.  Reach in and reach out to know yourself and the world around you.

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