Developing the Inside and Out

175_roundInside many things come easily and are just done.  Inside struggles with things that do not come easily.  Inside does not see the results as good enough.  Inside gets bored frequently without a challenge.  Inside is in continual turmoil.

Outside achievement and production are the focus.  Outside requires routine and accountability.  Outside does not understand or recognize the process of development or creativity.  Outside is on timetables.

Inside needs the skills for coping, decision making, and creating on demand.  Inside need to learn how to learn.  Inside needs to understand the process of practice and mastery.

Outside have resources, mentors, opportunities to explore and learn.   Outside provides the venue of expression.  Outside opens and closes doors.  Outside recognizes and discredits accomplishments. Outside makes demands on us.

Inside requires balance of stimulus and solitude.  Inside needs to recognize the values and then prioritize.  Inside sets standards for excellence avoiding perfection impulses.  Inside needs to value growth and the journey.

The Inside and Outside are a team that can enhance the experience.  Both offer lessons to be learned.  Both offer much to be explored.  Developing the inside brings strength of expression in the Outside.

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