Oh No, Here Comes those Positive Feelings Again

Do you experience swinging emotions?  Do you shy away from the happy ones?

Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions can be exhilarating or exhausting or both.  Each emotion is lived in vivid color with intensity.  The feelings are extreme.  Peoples responses are you are “too much”.  Mental Health concerns arise of manic or depressive out of control dynamics.  This is our everyday experience.

One coping strategy is to put a lid on the emotions, minimize the swings and focus on moderation (another way to say mediocre).  The purpose is to achieve an even keel.  That is like having a picture painted in neutral tones or all one hue.  A plateau my let us think we are maintaining, yet lots of energy is involved in keeping the lid on.

Part of the reason for not being comfortable with that feeling of exuberance is the expectation of what goes up must come down.  The down is so very uncomfortable, almost to a point of being unbearable.  We are smart, why do we experience such extreme sadness, when logically we know that is not necessary.  It is part of who we are.  It is the intensity factor.  However with awareness and knowledge that intensity IS, we won’t stop the pendulum from swinging.

The consistent fluid motion of emotions is an invigorating experience.  At the midpoint we know the calm, contentment of balance.  We also know our high and low points if we allow the complete swing.  We do not want to interrupt the motion.   We want to recognize the motion and feel the rhythm of life.

There are other tools that will assist us with surges and drains; floods and droughts.  There are tools to help us immerse ourselves in the experience and not get lost.

Each person will need to use the tools that fit best in their own hand.  Here are a few to consider:  breathing exercises, meditation, Flower Essences, journaling, walking, exercise, drawing, painting, doodling, music, nature – add your own.

Life is about the clock being wound so the pendulum continues to swing.  Banish the fear and the overwhelm, experience life in full Technicolor as well as black and white.

What is your experience with emotional swings?  How do you maintain the flow?  Tell us about your journey in the comments below.  

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