Is the Route Predetermined?

Is where I am headed all laid out?  Are my expectations mine or someone else’s?

We have multiple talents and a multitude of choices.  However, are we consciously choosing?

There are expectations of what is “acceptable” as career and life choices as determined by our family, our culture, and/or our environment.  Then there are the self-imposed expectations of perfection, doing it all, meeting others expectations, making a major contribution, and all done independently, on our own.

A road map comes in handy.  Having a destination is helpful.  Realizing there are a variety of ways to getting from point A to point B is beneficial.  And knowing point B is not in concrete, can be adapted, modified, expanded, or changed is magnanimous.

Assess the expectations you are responding to:  Where are the expectations coming from?  Are the expectations realistic?  Are the expectations challenging enough?  Do the expectations encompass your sweet spot?  Are the expectations desirous and a conscious choice?  Are your headed in a direction your heart and head agree upon?

The journey is as important as the destination.  The side trips, the shortcuts, the scenic routes all add to the adventure.  The road blocks and detours allow for additional exploration.  By land, sea, or air, we can grow, develop, achieve, and contribute to our own determined destination.

Take a look at the road map of your life.  Choose a route that heads you in the direction you want to go.  Be flexible with time and the particular road.  Be open to the moment.  Gain the inner guidance and enjoy the journey.

Where have you been?  Where are you going?  What route are you taking?  What are your expectations?  Predetermined?  Share your journey in the comments below.  

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