Devoid of the Void

Do you feel like you are swimming in a deep dark pool of nothingness?

When confronted with not fitting in; feeling weird and out of sync; not being able to connect with others; and/or feeling total chaos/confusion – we can go to a black hole.  We experience the void; a complete emptiness; unfulfilled existence; life as illusory.

Being in the void can bring us to the brink of an abyss, the depth of which we cannot fathom.  That place of vast nothingness in space and time.  We face guilt, shame, hopelessness, unworthiness; being less than perfect; loneliness, no meaning or value.

Darkness is the absence of light.  The fact that our blood is pulsing, our heart is beating, there is a spark of light.  From that spark we can “see” the void.  By “seeing” the void we can define it and manage it.  We have a starting point to search for meaning and clarify who we are.


We want to go from empty to having fulfillment.  We want to go from not knowing to awareness.  We want to go from not fitting in to connecting.  We want to go from weird to honoring our differences and uniqueness.  We want to know ourselves, honor, recognize, respect and acknowledge our talents and gifts.

We are normal, just different.  Just like different heights, weights, color of skin, we have a different brain function at the high end.

Knowing the void can bring us strength – another connection with the cosmos – time and space.  The energy is present.  Our energy is present.  With the knowledge of our void we can experience our Big Bang and create an expression of our Being.  The tangible form of that expression has infinite possibilities, from an everyday experience to a global event.

So touch the void with your spark of life and you will devoid the void.

Spark growing


What has been your struggle?  What has been your epiphany? How have you devoided the void?  Share in the comments below.

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