Getting to know the person that really counts – Me!

The crazy dilemma –> of feeling different, not fitting in, that there is more to me than meets the eye, something is wrong with me, competent and level of success with it not feeling right – what is with me?

Do you have a unique perception of things around you?  Do you relate intensely to the whole world happenings?  Are you committed to seeing things done about injustices?  Are you searching for truth? Understanding the big picture comes naturally – is intuitive.  Do you have lots of creativity, and abilities in many areas?  Can you juggle many things at once?  Are you self-critical – seeing yourself scattered as you move from one thing to the next?  Do you have high energy, high excitability, strong emotional reactivity?  Do you experience pain from being different and/or receiving hostility from others?  Do you have high standards and low tolerance for mediocrity?  Do you have an awareness of complexities and consequences?

These are characteristics of high ability, multi-talented, gifted individuals.

Understanding this is part of who you are and you are not alone is empowering.  You can go from awareness of these characteristics to accepting them to respecting those parts of you.  This understanding empowers you to honor that which is within and allows you to consciously choose your expression.

To better understand me – we need to know our internal driving force, values, beliefs and needs.  We need to determine what is important to us.

The driving force is why we do what we do or compulsion we have to act, create, express in certain ways.  The values are part of the core from which we function.  The beliefs is how we have integrated our experiences and the information we have received (not always facts).  The needs go beyond the basics of food, water, housing and clothing.  They include being loved, giving love, being accepted, self-actualizing and/or others.

Knowing me allows for my conscious choice in how I relate to the world, those around me and to myself.  Knowledge of oneself is empowering.   It takes time to get to know that person (me).  It is an ever changing landscape and never ending adventure.  Take time to know yourself today.  You are full of surprises.

Share your journey of self-discovery in the comments.  What tools have you used?

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