Smart, Brilliant, Intelligent – What does it Matter?


Everyday is a challenge.  Trying to stay focused.  Trying to have enough energy to get things done.  Going to work / school and not being bored out of my head.  Repeat, repeat, repeat – doing the same things, hearing the same thing – over and over. 

Things come easily.  The answers are obvious.  It is all connected.  Can’t they see it?

No one understands.  So often in the middle of a crow & yet so alone.  Hearing frequently – “you’re too much”.

Have you had similar experiences?  Do you want to shout, cry or run away? 

You know and have been told you are smart, brilliant, intelligent; yet, what does it matter? 

Things just won’t come together.  Others – expect everything of you; discount you; turn away; roll their eyes; patronize you.  Smart what does it matter?


It MATTERS because it is who YOU are!!!  To experience life with delight – be who you are.

To be who you are means you need to know yourself.  You know you are brilliant and have many talents.  Understand thinking different from others and making leaps in concepts is a natural part of who you are.  Your reality is a mind that connects and processes rapidly.  You sense the world around you in detail and with magnitude.

Contributing factors that you have integrated into your persona are your family, your environment, your culture, your time in history.  From these factors you have formulated your values and your beliefs.  You formulated your values and beliefs, which indicate you, have choice.  Beliefs can be re-evaluated, assessed if that is true, and adjusted accordingly.  Values are core, but the priorities shift with phases in life.

Yes you can feel alone and out of sync.  You can feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening and that you sense.  The expectations you have for yourself or others have for you can be an extreme pressure.  You have the where with all to overcome each aspect of this experience.

Being mediocre or dumbing down to fit in is not the answer.  It is important to be YOU!  Being aware of your drives, passions, talents, and abilities gives you the foundation for discovery of where you fit or what fits.  You can move from or cross the abyss.  To see the light within leads you to seeing the light of the tunnel to explore.

You sense and respond life with intensity.  Harness that intensity – like harnessing the river – for energy, “work”, and pleasure.  Learn the methods that work for you to manage the intensities to minimize their interference and maximize their effectiveness.  Be you.

Things coming easy and perfection is not the focus.  Learning to learn, developing mastery, achieving excellence are the guiding posts of the journey.  Life is a journey.  There are challenges, road blocks, distractions, and detours all along the journey.  Fill your tool box and travel with childlike curiosity and discovery.

As a seed finds its ground and puts down it root and then grows into what it is, so shall you.  The expression of your gifts is the vitality of your life.  The expression can be your experience of flow within the confines of your personal world or a display contribution for the world.  The important factor is to blossom and bear fruit.

As you take progress on your journey there is the desire and the need to connect – with yourself, with those that are similar and with those around you.  Know yourself and know that others are on the journey of their life.  Develop your skills and abilities to connect through effective expression and communication.  Complete the circle(s) of life.

You see the big picture.  You connect the dots.  You leap with visions, ideas, concepts, sensations and solutions.  You are smart, brilliant, and intelligent and, it does matter!!!

 Share your questions and your experiences – make a connection.   

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