Expressing Me???

I have so much bottled up inside me, that just has to come out.  I get started on so many things and nothing is completed.  I create in many ways but it is not accepted or respected.   I make a benchmark and then run away.

I dance, sing, play my heart out.  Then ask will I ever make it?  I write with fervor and not understood.  I present ideas that are not seen to connect.  I envision things so differently and no one takes notice.

Moments occur when I am in my element and everything else is a blur.  The results are amazing.  I do not believe it myself.  Better not share as it does not make the mark.

Receive accolades; lots of applause, asked to do it again, can’t believe this is real.  Is it real?  Can I maintain the expectations now (mine and theirs)?

The program works.  The results are great.  It is making an impact.  Where do I go from here?  Do I continue, let go, or quickly hide as not to disappoint?

Can’t they see the solution?  Don’t they understand there are obvious options?  Why can’t it be done differently?


We have a strong need to express and experience our multi-talents.  The life we have undergone to this point effects how we respond to that need.  If we have endured – lack of support, ridicule, been discounted, misunderstood, ‘failed’; then it takes greater courage and determination to express openly.  Know that it is ok to express for yourself.  Let the experience be a personal one.   Know also that it is ok to be different and stand out.  Expression creates its own energy and things will happen.

There is magic and mystery in the expression of our multi-talents.  There is a reality in expression only known by the experience.  That experience in all its glory is enough.

There is also a responsibility to you and others to express your multi-talents.  What you have to offer the world needs.  This may seem cliché.  However, think about it a moment.  Where have the wondrous gifts of the arts, sciences, innovation, problem solutions (in the kitchen or in the world) come from?  They have come from the expression of an individual’s talents / gifts / ideas / visions / BEING.

Feel that spark inside.  Get to know that spark inside.  Fan the spark and let the fireworks come forth.  Express your being with exuberance.  Be in the flow of your experience.  We thank you!!!!

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