Control; What Control?

So every day is a challenge to fit in or not fit in.  Everything around me creates a roller coaster of sensations.  There are expectations galore.   Do I have any control of who I am; how I experience; and what I do?

Let’s explore what seems out of control.  Then let’s figure out how we do have choice and can manage the chaos.

So this moment I will start with the emotional roller coaster.  I have learned over the years to box in the emotions.   Too many comments of:  you are so emotional, why are you crying now, what has got into you?  Yes I now understand the vast array and extremes of emotions are a natural part of who I am as a multi-talent – gifted individual.  It still does not make it easy.  And I know that containment is not the answer for control.  The need to recognize and acknowledge the emotions, the feelings, the experience is a must.  Not feeling is not an answer to express me wholeheartedly.  Yes, I know the factor of respecting others, the place and the time.  However, it is very important to respect me also.  The “control” comes from allowing me to express the feelings – the wide range of emotions.  Yes, sometimes tapered, but yet more often than not in an appropriate manner to their fullest extent.  That is who I am.  Many times I will cry alone.  There is a need to reach out for empathy and compassion, and feeling ok to do so.  I cannot control the river of emotions, but I can provide some guiding banks, and some flow through energy producing dams.

Control is not perfect containment.  Control is trusting, guiding, the flow of expression – of emotions.  Rivers even with their wild rapids are better than geysers when it comes to emotions.  There is power in emotions – for destruction and creation, of self and others.  Acknowledging, knowing, experiencing and expressing emotions are part of the ‘control’.  Yes I will look at the benefits of the rain brings and be sure to look for the rainbows.

There are many more aspects of our lives that we look at for controlling, many ways to experience ourselves wholeheartedly.  There is an opportunity to discuss Control of the chaos in life at the teleclass on March 27th at 7 pm MDT.  Sign up for the newsletter to get the call in information.  Another opportunity is in the comment section here.  How do you see and control the chaos in your life? 

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