To Make the Most of Me

Yes we have multiple talents and many things that come easy to us.  However, that does not result in excellence or mastery.  We also have areas that we struggle with, are not so good at.  That only means we are human, perfection is for the gods.  To make the most of me, we need to learn how to learn, practice and develop our talents and other areas of life.

Basic life skills are necessary.  We may or may not be talented in those areas.  We need to be able to make decisions, plan, cope with challenges, communicate with others, balance all are interests and life activities.  We need to know how to live.

We have many talents and some we really enjoy and others are just there.  Others may want us to pursue certain talents, or we might expect we are supposed to, yet we need to develop the ones that spark enthusiasm from within.

So we have talents we get lost within and bring us great delight.  To immerse ourselves in the flow we need to develop those talents toward mastery.  Keep in mind mastery is a journey and not a destination.   This means going beyond what comes easy and naturally.  This means stretching our abilities, our gifted abilities.  It includes learning discipline with the creativity.  It means practice.  Yeah, that connotation of the 10,000 hours +.

Then there is all those ‘responsibilities’ to manage to make the most of me.  The responsibilities are connected to our values.  Not to do just to do.  Yet, knowing and doing what needs to be done.  Thus we have what drives us, what are our responsibility, and the general chaos.   Balance needs to come into the picture.  It helps to have organization skills, stress management skill, and to know that PLAY is important.  Remember simple things like breathing, time for oneself, being SILLY is ok.

As a seed we travel many ways.  As a seedling we have taken root and begin to grow.  We have new experiences and go through various phases, reaching for the light, holding on deep down inside, and swaying with the wind.  Make the most of yourself!

What do you see that is involved in making the most of yourself?  How have you put all the parts of you and your life together to make the most?

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