Do (you) I understand Me?

As an intelligent individual with multiple talents, the usual feeling is one of not fitting in.  What is it that I do not understand?  What is so different about me?

Yes, we always ask why other people do not understand us and what will it take for them to get it.  However, are we clear on who we are and how to relate that to others? 

If we were a business we would need to be clear on our product or service.  We cannot provide information on the value of the product or service if we do not understand it.  How can we explain our uniqueness, idiosyncrasies, differences if we do not understand them ourselves?  How can we connect or contribute if we do not understand who we are?

Understanding is the basis for being able to take the next step in becoming….. overcoming our mixed messages and bleak internal dynamics; developing our talents, abilities, skills; expressing our gifts, flow, creations; and connecting with others – like us, in general, and the world. 

So how do we gain understanding?

Reading and researching materials that describe what we experience on a daily basis, such as, having too many interests; insatiable curiosity; high standards; seeker of knowledge and truths; lots of creative drive; the idea person; feeling different; perfectionist; bothered by lights, aromas, noises; offbeat sense of humor; easily sees solutions to complex issues; criticized for being “too” much; ….  Being aware these are characteristics of high ability multi-talented individuals.  Yeah! You are not alone, but need to know these are part of your make-up. 

What were you born with?  What are your strengths, drives, passions, talents, interests, skills?  What do you do well?  What is more of struggle?  What does not come easily?  What are your attributes (and yes you can think of your stature, eye /hair color, etc. also)?  What came with the genes?

You have had experiences in life and formulated your internal guiding light.  An awareness of the internal guidance further clarifies who you are.  Stop and think, take inventory – of your values – what is important to you in your life?  Values such as, honesty, integrity, family, friendship, career, love, faith, wealth, knowledge….  What are your top ten values?

Another component of the internal guidance is your beliefs.  What do you believe to be true about you, about your life, about the world around you?  I am….  The society is….  The world is….  Where did those beliefs come from?  Are your beliefs true for you now?  Are your beliefs an absolute for you?  Beliefs are thoughts, reasons and connected with an emotional tie in to who you are.  Examining the beliefs gives you an opportunity to choose to hold on to the belief or modify it with the additional information and experiences you have now.  Beliefs are part of who you are and effect how you react to yourself and the world around you.

You have characteristics, values, and beliefs.  You also have needs.  This is part of who you are.  Yes, there are the basic needs of food, water, shelter.  We can look as Maslow’s hierarchy for insight.  Ask yourself – what do you need – to have a quiet place for contemplation; people to discuss the marvels of the universe; space and time to create; opportunity to try new things regularly; or….

We have been discussing internal factors of who you are; now let’s look at external factors that we integrate.

How does your family dynamics, customs, traditions, beliefs enter into who you are?  Family contributes to your experiences and how you see yourself.  However, like your personal beliefs (which are intertwined with family), you can choose the aspects you want to accept as part of you.  The same is holds true for the culture that has surrounded and permeated you as a person.  Family and culture have both strengths and limitations.  You have choice. 

On a little broader perspective your community and your timing of existence (history in the making) have an impact on who you are.   Community is a larger group dynamic that is supporting and tumultuous.  By how you fit into the community and what you take from the community you are further defining yourself.   History affects you with the trends, the opportunities, what exists, what is known and unknown.  How aware are you in your surroundings physically and virtually?  Your decisions and choices relative to your surroundings contribute to who you are.

Sooo…..  What do you know about yourself?  Has this discussion stimulated an increase in awareness?  What is your next step on self-discovery?  Share below what you see as contributing to who you are and what tools you will use for your next discovery?  How will you integrate the information the experience?   Make a comment, ask a question. 

Share your journey