Basics in business strategy in 2013

Logo_250Basics in business strategy in 2013 –  means for me Basics in the business of life as well as in the business of How To Life Consultants, LLC.  For me it is difficult to separate the two.  The values I hold are intertwined in my personal and business life.  Values that are important to me are – respect, integrity, honor, discipline, caring, family, self-development to name a few.

The strategy for basics in my life means – being me, developing my potential, holding the family dear, connecting with others, living a life fully and with exuberance.  That also requires I protect areas of my life and set limits of others’ or things’ impositions on my life.  The strategy needs to include time for work, play, pleasure, activity, meditation, discovery, routine, contentment, experiencing the moment with whatever it may bring.

The strategy for basics in the business means – knowing my values and the gifts I have and desire to offer (through mastery – ongoing development); knowing who needs or wants what I have learned and can offer for their own personal development and dreams;  and the practical details of who, what, when, where of services and customers.

Basics in business in 2013 means to clearly portray and shout to the world the core of who I am and what I have to give with respect for who you are and what you need and dream.  How To Life Consultants, DBA Edith D Johnston PhD LPC are here to provide resources and opportunities for taming the chaos of multi-talents and developing you and the talents in a strategy of mastery!

We do not need to do things alone.  We do better with support – a team.  So the team at with Sweetie Berry, She’s  So There Team –  I look forward to the opportunity to a collaborative effort with my entry into #BasicsMatter12 Holiday Giveaway to jumpstart 2013.

What are your strategies for basics in life and/or business?  Let us know and join the giveaway.

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