The Lenses of a Multi-Talent

Do the lenses of a Multi-Talent provide greater focus or blur the entire picture?  Are the lenses multi-faceted and require looking from different angles or you see multiple images simultaneously?  Do the lenses confuse or clarify?  Do the lenses stimulate or overwhelm?

Our lenses come from our rapid pace of thoughts; from our sensitivities and intensities; from our multiple talents; and from our reference points (experiences and environments).   We have many lenses and switch among them very quickly in brief periods of time.  We need to be conscious of our different lenses and the facets of each lens.  We need to be aware when the lens is a mirror and reflecting also.

Using Debono’s concept of six hats is one way to sort through our different lenses.  He provides us with six different colors with different perspectives.

White Hat White is neutral and objective.  The white hat is concerned with objective facts and figures.
Red Hat Red suggests anger (seeing red), rage and emotions.  The red hat gives the emotional view.
Black Hat Black is somber and serious.  The black hat is cautious and careful.  It points out the weaknesses in an idea.
Yellow Hat Yellow is sunny and positive.  The yellow hat is optimistic and covers hope and positive thinking.
Green Hat Green is grass, vegetation, and abundant, fertile growth.  The green hat indicates creativity and new ideas.
Blue Hat Blue is cool, and it is also the color of the sky, which is above everything else.  The blue hat is concerned with control, the organization of the thinking process, and the use of other hats.


Delving into our many talents through identification and conscious description gives us a better understanding of what comes naturally for us.  With a conscious awareness then we can see how our talents impact our interactions with others.  We many times assume that things are obvious that are not.  We can really ‘not know’ how we get from one point in a topic or problem solution to the conclusion or idea we have drawn.  An awareness and understanding of these leaps can then allow us to share by changing the color of our lens.

Recognizing our hypersentivities and intensities we can create strategies to minimize the depth of the color or the number of facets of these different lenses.  The intention is not lose the lenses – they are part of who we are.  However, we can manage when we wear them and how we experience them.

Our environments and experiences add another coat to the various lenses.  This is the same with everyone.  Our difference is the combination with our talents, sensitivities, and intensities that can magnify how the environment and experience can coat the lenses.  Take time to breathe.  Organize the experiences in your own mind.  Recognize contributions from the environment.  Determine the impact, effect, and how to integrate into who you are and how you relate.

Whether you are wearing dark shades, rose colored glasses, magnifiers or goggles become aware, make a conscious choice, develop the skill of using the lenses to create – arts, solutions and connections. 

What lens are you wearing today?  Make a comment – share your story….

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