Mastery – the process and immersion

Mastery is a journey and a process not a destination.  As we look at accomplishments, most come after peak learning, integration, push through and then there is a plateau.  Whether our goal is a physical accomplishment or a science breakthrough, the pattern holds.

If we feel we have arrived – the plateau can continue endlessly.  However, that is an achievement not mastery.  Our growth and learning stops.  We can maintain the same high level of performance on the plateau without changing or adding anything.  We can stay focused on the same performance and not fall (fail) again.  We are not testing our boundaries, our limits, or our potential.

Are you willing to play the fool, the beginner – constantly open to learning?  Are you willing to go to the edge and then take the next step not knowing what the outcome will be?  Can you empty yourself to have room for new learning? 

Practice is necessary to learn, integrate, maintain.  Being open with the practice for new leaning is important.  Going to the edge and not knowing if you will progress or land flat on your face is necessary to expand.

Mastery becomes a lifestyle.  You are not striving for perfection.  You are being open – empty for opportunities, stretching of the mind and body, a different perspective, for integration of the new learning.

You need to be aware.  Or as from the Zen perspective – you need to be in the moment.  That means you are paying attention to what you are doing so that you can fine tune.  The fine tune can involve physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual adjustment.  Daily activities – take them out of rote activity and use them as a training ground for developing the process of mastery.

Create the practice of paying close attention to what you do (think, feel, believe).  Gain instruction (teacher, books – person – information).  Practice the new learning – repetitions as a child – open to stumbling, falling, and learning.  See the resulting vision – yep it helps to know, feel, experience on all levels where you are going. Make progress, achieve, and push beyond – grow, learn, mastery as the journey.


What is your experience of Mastery?  What is involved in your journey?  How do your immerse yourself?

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