Trying Too Hard

‘Trying too hard’ can be the results of perfectionism.  It can also be part of self-doubt or intensity and determination.

‘Trying too hard’ can relate to shoulds and musts.  Why do you have the goal?  Why are you pursuing this project?  What are you telling yourself?  Expectations – yours, others – realistic, desirable, true to you core being?

“Trying too hard’ is definitely an energy sink.  Asking what is the why behind the action gives information to correct the pattern and gain balance.  The body will rebel with the energy drain.  Listen to the body.

The questions arise – can I really do this?  Can I do it well?  Is this worth it?  Do I want to continue?  What is the value in this expression?  Am I driven – is that sane?  Does it matter?  Do I take the easier route?  I am so tired – how can I continue?  If I don’t, will I be satisfied?  So torn – being down the rabbit hole and having difficulty seeing daylight?  Been on track for so long – do I continue to take the next step?  —- The extreme emotions rule easier with the lower energy.  How do we recharge and develop the system for recharging?

‘Trying too hard’ pushes the flow (sometimes away) and is not being in the flow.  The flow is an energizer.  Yes, exhaustion from elation can follow, but not the unresolved fatigue of ‘trying to hard’.

What is the vision of where you want to be?  What are the steps necessary to accomplish it?  Do you have a plan?  Have you adjusted the plan for consistent movement which includes life balance?  The journey – the moments – are important, as well as the destination.   Which rose will you smell today?

What are the benefits and concerns of continuing and of quitting?  Is there enough reason to continue to change the pattern of ‘trying to hard’ and transitioning to flow?  Knowing limitations, boundaries, balance, willingness to ask for help/support are tools for transition.  Also, recharging (that is part of balance) – knowing it is ok to take a break, breathe, be in the moment, play, celebrate the journey to date.

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