The Child Within

The Child is buried within.  Oh how that child wants to dance and sing.  The child jumps and shouts.  The child sits in a corner.  How the child wants to come out and play today.

We hear a lot about the inner child; the need to listen to the inner child; the wisdom of the inner child.  The purpose is to denote the childlike aspect of a person’s psyche.  We want to focus on the characteristics of childlike sense of wonder, curiosity, imagination, simple delights and joy in the moment.

Adults are to be serious and responsible.  Smart adults know better and are to be role models.  Multi-talents need to be focused, not frivolous, and apply their talents wisely.

As we look at various cultures and communities throughout history and today – having the means and the “event” to let loose has been consciously and unconsciously arranged.  We have celebrations, holidays, rituals, and “escapism activities”.  The events give legitimacy for an adult to be a child.  The events answer the need to express and experience without the structures of “appropriate and responsible” interactions.  It is also a time to ask questions, experience wonder, curiosity, imagination, simple delights and joy.  The wearing of masks and costumes allow us to pretend, explore who we might be, play out new and different roles, have fun.  They are a time to experience the dance of life without inhibition and with exuberance.

Many of us ignore, shy away from, avoid – planned or spontaneous engagement in events (moments) to let loose.  There are many reasons –  too reserved, not wanting to be labeled weird (again), do not have time for that kind of stuff, need to keep both feet planted on the ground, being an adult now, fear of letting go of our structures (which keep us safe and controlled), embarrassment, or….

Yet being in the flow is one of those events – pure joy, wonder, discovery, delight, focus, chaos, fascination, imagination, complete immersion.  Other times, the experience and being present to observe – a magnificent performance or art, a breath taking moment of nature, a single laugh, hug or cry can be one of those events.

The event of being silly, laughing at nothing in particular, dancing because you can, studying the bug’s wandering movements, are the expression of the child within and the wherewithal for rejuvenation.  Yes, accessing a fountain of youth.

So be silly, smile just because, dance to the music, shout to the world, dig a hole, build a castle, or fly to your heart’s content.  You are the child within!


Do you experience your child within?  How do you experience your child within?  How will you celebrate, play, explore……Today?   Leave a comment, ask a question, share your experience.


  1. Hi Edith,
    Thanks for your blog. I find many posts so interesting.

    About the child within, I guess I’m better connected now, as I allow myself to experience my emotions, not refrain them (and thus accumulate pressure till the emotions explode !).

    I guess part of it, is allowing oneself to be assertive, not fear the response of others to your opinions, ideas, and dedramatize the potential judgement which may result from expression yourself.

    Allowing myself the right to have the same value as others was a true eye-opener, and a relief for the child within me, who quieted down.

    My inner child would balk at my inability to express my own opinion and would send capricious emotions in reaction…

    Now, there’s no more emotional outbursts due to long-repressed feelings.

    Now, when I’m joyful, I might do a skip-dance step while walking, humming, or things like that, as I’m an extravert. As I’ve been working among many introverts, for years, I was “formatted” to be an introvert, so as to get accepted. You may imagine the frustration.

    I guess building sufficient self-estim is the key to allow some mental freedom, and thus express our true nature, carefree (freeing our inner child), even though the environment might not be receptive.

    • Cathy,
      Being connected with all of who you are is so very important. Congratulations!
      Knowing and feeling your emotions gives strength and energy. Respecting yourself for who you are and expressing that with regard for you and for others expands the connection. We can change our responses and the environment will change in the interaction with us. Childlike wonder is contagious. (Sure that will be the full gamut of response – smile and the world smiles with you!)
      Thanks for sharing! Edith

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