Pain is the Messenger

Pain is not a necessity.  Pain is the messenger.  Pain lets us know that things are not working well – health, relationships, movement towards goals, decisions, environments, etc.  When we do not listen to the messenger, the message gets louder, the pain increases.  Experiencing pain is an indication to stop, look, and listen.  Yes, it is about our safety.  Also, it is about self-awareness and the ability to make change.  We need to understand our pain so that we can manage the pain versus it managing us.

How do we understand and manage the pain?

  • We need to acknowledge it first.  Yes I am in pain.
  • Next, we define the pain – is it physical, emotional, or environmental……?
  • What do we see as the source of the pain – a disease process, an event, experience, a belief……?
  • What do we use to minimize the pain or the effect of the pain?
    •  Ignoring it is not the best approach.  Ignoring, to push through, can be useful at times.
    • Physical – do we exercise, movement, rest, pace ourselves…?
    • Emotional – journaling, counseling, breathing, Flower essences…?
    • Environmental – avoid, change, accommodate, adapt…?

How do we express the pain?

Expression is also a coping mechanism or an out of control indicator.  Do we draw, write, yell, run, withdraw, sleep, blame, complain, or seek nature…?

Do we focus on the pain or on living life?  Do we have goals that we want to achieve?  Do we ask how we can do so with the pain or do we say we can’t because of the pain?  Do we make the effort to dissipate the pain?  Do we factor in what it takes for us to experience harmony within our bodies, our relationships, our many roles in life?

Pain is not necessary.  Our society is very accepting of pain as a reason not to live responsibly and with joy.  Pain is the messenger.  Discover the challenge within your life and the means to move forward with a life experience of joy.  Cycles are life.  Stasis is not the goal or the reality.  Movement with direction and purpose through the challenges provides a joyful life.

What pain are you experiencing?  How do you cope with and manage the pain?  Make a comment.  Ask a question.

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