We speak of existential depression, what of hope?

Hope is –   The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well; to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence; to believe, desire, or trust; and/or to feel that something desired may happen.

In our ability to see solutions and possibilities everywhere do we exude hope or ‘false hope’?  Is our enthusiastic response to life warping our perception of reality?  Do our beliefs in fairness, justice, right doing, ethics, integrity – that are so ingrained as part of who we are – color how we see and approach the world around us?

When we are experiencing depression, hopelessness, horror, degradation, destitution – how does hope fit in?  “Don’t tell me there is hope, you have not been in my situation.”  Yet the stories of HOPE – FAITH in life leading people on – survival, change, outcomes with joy – are innumerable.   Hope has been the spark to keep the fire burning.

From the minute spark of hope to the overzealous expression of exuberance, we live life with intensity.  Life, the emotions, the focus is cyclic like a spiral.  We revisit many points again and again with a different perspective because of the additional experiences and input.  Our intensity with hope (or depression) create the magnitude of our expressions and contributions.  Also, the intensity of hope fans the change to dissipate the fog of despair.  It is a path to travel from despair – to hope – to safe – to joy – to exuberance.

Hope is a key to opening the many doors behind which lie justice, integrity, ethics, freedom, equality, fairness, possibilities, potential, transformation and ….   With hope we are given the key and thus need to accept the permission to open the doors of jubilant expression.  With hope we need to accept the responsibility to transform whatever is to whatever can be that supports and expands life.

Do you have hope?  What is your experience with moving beyond depression – extreme life challenges – daily fogs?  Leave a note, ask a question, share an experience, comment!


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