Are we there yet?

‘Are we there yet?’  is a question that is asked by children on road trips.  It is also asked by adults – about making it in the world – reaching success –  reaching the peak of their career.

As a gifted female there is also the questioning, the doubt, the fear of being found out, the imposter syndrome.  We can list our accomplishments for a portfolio and still minimize any accomplishments.

As a Multi-talent we have tried many thing and done things differently than the status quo, tried and true tail of success.

Then as a female we have made decisions based on raising children which interrupted the steady career climb.

We gave gathered a significant amount of knowledge and experience.  Yet recognition of skills and abilities are limited because of not having the right degree, the right training, the right credentials, for trying something different.   We have done all that is required for the job previously, but it does not matter, the screening process (computerized) has already ruled us out.

We have a mission, a vision to make a contribution, but are we an expert?  We share out ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experience.  We see what others are doing and have done.  We have our expectations for ourselves.  The question continues to arise – are we there yet?

Another facet of the question arises – Can you get there?  Do you have what is needed?  Do you have what it will take?  Does what you have to say have value?  How can you reach others that can utilize your knowledge and experience?  Will what you have to offer help others?

Yes, you are getting feedback that you co do it and what you have to say matters.  Then that little voice quietly says:  who are you fooling?  Who do you think you are?  Yeah, you did some pretty neat stuff, but you’re nowhere near there.  At your age, you should be ______.   Fill in the blank.  You don’t fit in.

How do you rectify the dilemma?  How do you know you have arrived?

What does your heart want?  What is your vision?  Have you described your destination in detail?  Have you worked backwards – knowing what it will take right before you arrive and each step backwards that allows the next to happen?  Have you connected with a support team?  You need support and a countering voice of encouragement and brainstorming for solutions.  You need to know you are smart.  You are good.  You do have value.  You are real, not an imposter.  You have gifts to give and are responsible for giving them.  You are needed.

Yes the roller coaster of emotions strikes continuously with intensity.  Honor them.  Know each emotion is real.  However, manage the emotions and intensities versus them managing you.  Have a pity party or a hard times party – to the max.  It will revitalize you.  Be fearful – it is what keeps you safe.  Be smart and outwit the fear by breaking the forward movement down into miniscule steps that present no fear only confidence of accomplishment.  Action is the best means of dealing with fear and doubts.  Make it happen today for you and for the world!!!

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