Burnout ???

So Tired…  To go on – is it determination, persistence, or stubbornness?

Is there value to continue?  Does it matter (to me or to those I wish to serve)?

Yes, life does happen and goes on – many other factors then the focus.

Challenges, rough spots, distractions, but mostly tired – can I stay the long haul?  Is it worth it?  Do I want to?

Is it laziness?  Is it giving up?  Is it fear of success or failure?  Is it frustration with –  the time it is taking, what feels like the lack of progress?

Do I really have something to offer?  Should I settle for status quo?  Mediocrity?  Not worry about making a difference?  Live and let live?  Do the work that is necessary and play?

It is not boring.  It is challenging.  Am I up to the challenge?  Can I persevere?  What do I really want?  Has the flame of passion burned out?

My shell of emotional protection is stretched to the limits.  The feelings are back on the sleeve of my armor.  Can I manage with this degree of vulnerability?

I usually smile and fake it until I make it.  Am I beyond the point of taking it lightly, putting on a performance?

Questions of value, worth, desire and motivation arise?  Am I a quitter?  Dreams are crashing?  That is not unusual if dreams do not become goals and action is taken.  Is there life beyond the struggle?  Life is a struggle – or an active not stagnant, ever changing adventure.  There are possibilities.  What is my story line?  Do I need to change my story line?  Adjust my attitude?  Do I need to reach out and touch someone?  Ask for help?  Connect, so as not to feel alone?  What is my expectation?  What do I see as others expectations?

A thousand questions.  A thousand feelings.  What will I decide?

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