Where does play fit in?

Play as an adult – for rejuvenation, creativity, integration, and FUN.  Children learn through play.  They look at the world with wonder.  Responsibility is part of growing up, and play remains a necessity in the plan.

The idea of play we want to look at is an activity used to relax or refresh the body and the mind with the element of total and complete joy and happiness, pure fun.   You need to define what is play for you – what brings you joy, happiness and will be recalled as a delightful memory.

Here are some more examples of what play is:

D.C. Wincott:  “play is a creative state of withdrawal from everyday life”.

Lots of people say:  “my work is my play”.

Barbara Brannen:  (just one her of thoughts) “Play is something that gives life sharper focus.”

Institute for Play is devoted to the research and education of people about the importance of play for good mental health.

We need to play.  Play, even as adults, is a way to learn and know more about ourselves.  Heart play – that which brings us joy, a full life, a life of love – truly benefits our heart – physically, emotionally and spiritually.    The idea of play is such that you feel so good you grin from ear to ear.  You are not numb to the world.  You experience exuberance.

C. Wyatt Runyan: “We don’t stop playing because we got old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Barbara Brannen: “Where is the joy in our lives?  Play unlocks that mystical, magical place so wonderful that we want to stay there forever.  Joy is one of the main reasons we play.”

We play to heal – wounds, fatigue, overwhelm, stress, boredom.  Curiosity is one of the elements to help us explore the playground of our lives.  Play provides resiliency to deal with life’s challenges.  Play rejuvenates our spirit and our bodies.

How we define play also is in our attitude.  Whatever, brings us joy in the moment is part of our play.  We need to build those moments, that attitude into our daily routine.  It is like taking a stop on the road trip and stretching.  Every day is a road trip and moments of play, experiencing joy, is a stretch break, an attitude adjustment, a de-stressor.

Yes, we need to plan in bigger breaks also – specific activities, being with different people, trying new things, pursuing a new interest, accomplishing a goal.

We forget how to breathe properly – holding our breath when we think or concentrate, are angry or scared, or are in pain.  Practicing breathing exercises so that we remember to breathe in different situations helps us to have control and greater relaxation.  So does play.  We need to practice play, little moments and big opportunities.  We need to practice to remember how to play and increase the joy in our living.

Multiple interests and responsibilities can seem like a barrier to play – rejuvenation.  However,  defining play for you and practicing play in moments lets the ball roll and the joy that is under every pebble shines through.

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What do you do for play?  How does play fit into your life?

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