Self-Doubt Never Eliminated

You have tried and tried.  You have succeeded and achieved.  You have made an impact from behind the scenes and openly.  Yet, a door slamming in your face still creates self-doubt.  Am I really all that smart?  Why does my background of education, certification, and experience not warrant recognition and acknowledgment?  You do not have the right degree from the right school or the right certification so you are unable to perform the job duties for this position.  And all that said with four degrees, five national certifications, and thirty plus years of experience.  However, since it is not a new response, all of that has not been true all along, but much of it.

I understand specialization.  I understand having standards to protect the clientele.  I also understand turfdom, protecting one’s territory to minimize the competition.  I also understand the “good ole boy” network, pre-selection, favoritism with an allusion of best choice for the position.  New blood is what we need for innovation as long as we create the façade of change and leave the way it has always been done in place.

Yes, change is difficult.  Implementing change is a challenged.  Yes, leading from within is possible, and altruistic.   There is a point where, hitting your head against a brick wall gets old.  Yes, communication and facilitating others to use their abilities and further their ideas, is the team approach and a way to move mountains.

However, the process is so tiring.  Ah, yes, never give up, persistence and perseverance.  However, facing status quo, routine process, mediocrity, being sure everyone is aboard before proceeding, gets very old.

The question arises – why bother?  Life is to enjoy.  Beating your head against a wall is not enjoyable.  Settle into the routine.  Do your best, which is a must for your own survival.  Let the rest pass around you, it is all good enough.  After all who are you to think you are so smart?  Who are you to think you can make a difference?  Why do you think you can succeed, when so many do not?

Yes, you are facing another challenge.  What is the goal you really desire to pursue?  Is there another path leading where you want to go?  Have you reached out for support?  Have you made connections with like minds?  Have you changed your storyline?  What is the next step in the direction that moves you forward and with joy?

All the clichés can be said – you are unique, one of kind.  What you have to offer, no one else can offer.  And so on….  The self-doubt comes from your experiences and beliefs.  You have the ability to turn the stone over and decide what will be written on the other side.   Isolation is a dream killer.  Realize independence must be integrated with interdependence to succeed.  Cry out in pain and ask for help.  It is a strength, not a weakness.  Self-doubt like any feeling is an assessment point and a tool for finding the “how to” for whatever it is you are doing.  Action is what brings the flow of exuberance.  Life is not the still point but knowing the center of the gyroscope and the various directions available for movement with balance.  Self-doubt, a fear recognized and faced.


  1. I think the answer to this one may be that you have to think like an inventor…

    Inventors are so many steps ahead that without realizing it,
    they are un-understandable to their audience.

    The so-what is that the inventor, not the audience, is the one who can bridge the gap.
    What’s the ipod? A thousand songs in your pocket.
    NOT a song player, beautiful case, song sorter, recording device, file transferer, etc.

    If the job requires excellence in one skill, make sure your resume bangs them over the head with that one skill. Leave a bunch of cool stuff out. It’s on there in invisible ink anyway.

    • Thanks Elissa. Yes when expanding your career horizons – resume modification is wise. Focus on the need / want of others and provide how you can benefit them – meet the need and / or want. As always you are strategically on target.

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