Self-Discovery an Ongoing Adventure

Over the years self-discovery has been a major pursuit of mine.  I have taken various self-tests, psychological tests,  used myself as a case study in graduate programs, and used various tools to explore the inner workings of human nature.  I have discovered interesting idiosyncrasies and laughed at the fun personality assessments.  Each question or perspective explored provided an insight when left to wander through the subconscious as well as the conscious.

Each time I reviewed a checklist and found a connection that seemed to match it added clarification and provided more questions.  The questions emphasized the complexity of being human and being high ability.  Questions provided the time to explore inner workings and the connections of how all things that made me worked together and independently at the same time.

Having answers, knowing what is to come seems desirable, but the true discovery is being able to ask the questions and be content with knowing the mystery is part of the magic and the answers will be the transition to science of understanding.  The wonder, the awe of the moment can be transformational.

The reality of fear and uncertainty enters in with each question – will I find the answer?  — will I be able to take the next step?  — will I experience my dreams?  — am I worthy?  — am I real?  Yet, observing the breath, letting go allows for new understanding to seep into the being and not knowing the answer is ok.

If all life is energy, is light, is void, is unknown becoming known then am I defined conclusively by what I know at the moment or can the story be told differently?  Just as the question arises that the experiment is changed by the observer, can I not then be both subject and observer?  Can I not with the questions open the definition of who I am, using the knowledge and understanding to rediscover and redefine the development of my potential?

There are the esoteric wanderings and wonderings that provide leaps of faith, concepts, ideas and connections.  There are balancing realities and responsibilities to survive, interact, and ride the fullness of life.  Perfection is not the focus, but the ability to know that what is can and does change and we can be the master of our life.

A master is always learning, practicing, creating, developing, exploring, seeing, connecting, discovering and thus living. So I will continue on my adventure of self-discovery developing the mastery of who I am and the life I have to live.  To life!

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