A Career, A Job, A Business … Confining or Expanding

As a multi-talented individual how are you experiencing you career, job, business?  Does it feel that you are confined or are you able to expand into all your talent areas?  Limiting or making a choice is not a requirement for “success”.  Let’s explore options and what can work for you.

As a multi-talent, you have many interests, many things you enjoy, many things you are good at – so the questions comes up, what works for me?  When you are looking at a career, a job, or a business there are several approaches you can take.

Look at your many talents and interests and find the common thread.  The common thread can be connected to a feeling or a value.  Thus there does not have to be a “logical” connection.  It is also like connecting the dots in a dot to dot picture.  Each individual dot does not let you see the pattern of the picture.  However, as you connect the dots the big picture comes into focus.

To not be confined you can use A talent as your income stream and have a variety of avocational interests you explore – different days of the week, one a month, or one every 2-3 years – whatever works for you.

You can also delve into a certain area for a certain period of time and then make a change and plan for just that.  This can be a totally different area that you immerse yourself in or stepping stones that are connected.

You can look at a company, an environment or a situation and ask, how can I contribute to the betterment or expansion?  You can also ask what other talents can I use in different ways to expand my opportunities or involvement of where I am.  This can translate to being a linch pin as described by Seth Godin, a person who leads from within.

Looking beyond job titles is important.  Looking at the skill sets and talents you enjoy using so that you can combine interests.  You can do what you do well and do it in an environment that elicits other interests you have.  Such as an accountant in the Forest Service – combining being good with numbers and the love of the outdoors.  Open yourself to a broader perspective to create the opportunity for a stimulating enjoyable environment for you to contribute.

What can you create – opportunities, environments, businesses, products, services, art by combining your many talents and meet your needs and those of others.   Think about.  Comment below and join the Teleclass on March 14th!!  (Details for the teleclass are in the newsletter).

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