Flower Essences, a tool for moderating emotional extremes and sensitivities

Understanding your emotional roller coaster helps decide if you will scream or throw your hands up in delight.  Flower Essences focus on the specificity of the emotion, calm the level of the experience, and allow moderation and facilitation of the emotion to be directed by our intention versus only a response.  It takes us outside of ourselves to know the experience and not eliminate the experience.


Flower Essences are potentized herbal extracts that directly address emotional aspects of wellness.  They act as powerful catalysts in the journey of self-awareness and health of body and soul.  They help us traverse our inner journey.


We experience a variety of emotions with different intensity daily.  Sometimes our sensitivity interferes with our ability to see the larger picture.  We spin in circles and are overwhelmed, not able to move through the experience and take the next steps.  Other times out of survival we wall off the emotions and sensitivities to such a degree that we do not feel.  We want to release the block or intensity, experience the emotion as it happens and move on to the next experience and feeling.


Flower Essences allow us to flow with the emotional experience no matter what the emotion is and let us live life with full expression.  They are a tool to help us clarify what we are experiencing and facilitate the flow without the dam.  Emotions are powerful like water and can be constructive or destructive.  Both “positive” and “negative” emotions are building blocks.  Through the observers role we can increase our awareness of our emotional experiences.  Using Flower Essences as a tool we can manage the ebb and rise of the emotions.  The intent is not to have the emotions, but to flow with the experience and to know ourselves.


Flower Essences through the Flower Essence Society utilize the 38 identified by Dr. Edward Bach and 103 additionally identified in North American flowers.  If you are experiencing anger you have 9-11 remedies to choose from.  This requires clarifying the composition of the anger.  The process of clarification itself provides greater awareness and support for coping.   Emotional experiences are continuous, there source, intensity, and make-up change and thus the effective essence changes.  This is an internal journey which enhances the external interaction with life.  As long as we are alive we will always face challenges, and will always have the need to learn and evolve in the school of life.  Flower Essences are a tool to bring balance and management to the extremes and enhance our daily interactions.


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