My Problem is I’m Really Smart – Now What?



   I have finally come to accept that I am really smart.  I probably meet the qualifications for being gifted and maybe Mensa.  So maybe, I am not crazy after all.   Achievements, I have some, nothing major.  I know I have always had lots of ideas, racing thoughts, and solved things easily.  I have been able to make it ok with a job and family.  My kids are doing well.  I do see them struggle some like me.  That’s just the way it is. 

          Yet, something does not feel right.  I question myself.  I feel like I don’t know where I am going.  I have never fit in, really.  I am feeling down.  Even the depression is different then everyone else’s.  I know there is more, but don’t know what or how?  What’s next? 

Can you relate?  We need to know we are very smart and we need to understand that means we are literally wired different.  Just like science has found that depression can result from a chemical imbalance.  Science has found the brains for the very smart are wired differently.  And guess what the brain is connected to the rest of us and thus emotions, personality, spirituality, energy levels are all affected.

We need to understand how this different wiring affects us.  We need to grasp how we are different and what is our “norm”.  This gives us the foundation to work from in our everyday lives.  We can then look at the effect of home, community, and work environments.  We can also integrate how the period of time within which we live contributes to who we are.  We see the big picture, thus we integrate all these factors without consciously reviewing.  Gaining this understanding creates a structure for us to work within.

Knowing the science of being wired differently and the impact of internal and external environment, we can now look at the habits we have developed, characteristics, expectations, and the void.  We want to overcome – implement strategies for dealing with each.  We want to look at changes for habits such as: dumbing down, fitting in, withdrawing, class clown, arrogant SOB, etc.  We want to consciously accept or let go of the expectations we have of ourselves and others have of us.  We want to experience and manage our intensity of emotions and all our senses.

To be able to combat the void we need to develop our “gifts”, “high abilities”, or “multi-talents” – basically who we are and what we can do.  Developing requires learning, being challenged, mastering through practice and persistence, exploring, and experiencing fully.  Developing goes beyond doing what comes easily.  Developing involves having a vision (a work in progress not in concrete) for ourselves.

Expression is very much a part of the process and the solution to our everyday living.  The expression can be a simple creation for our own enjoyment or a major statement within the world.  We need to create, be in our flow, to rejuvenate our souls and lubricate all of the pieces to our persona.  Do it!

Share your experience in the comments below?  Now what?  Let us know.  Let’s discuss what’s next for each of us.


  1. Christopher W. Moritz says

    I am smart and I want to know where the intellectual people of this generation meet and talk their minds

  2. Thank you for posting this article! Sometimes it is hard to accept that being multi-talented means being different. I spent many years trying to “fit in” with the crowd and it only made me feel worse as I pretended to be less intelligent. As I grew older, I chose to develop myself further and reach out for greater opportunities to utilize my skills. Now, people appreciate me more than before when I chose to conceal myself. I now happily and willingly help others academically and solve their problems!

    Much Blessings to You and your Family.

    • Yes the transition with confidence by understanding ourselves so that we can express and connect with others – reaching out! Thank you and well done – keep being!

  3. The articles I have read here give me hope! I have also always been an outsider, and considered very intellegent, I have some things I’m bad at, like anyone, but I really suck at them. Where I excell, I am allways consistently above the norm. Spelling is one area I can never seem to excell, lol. I dont get people, but I can read them almost like I am reading their minds, I can look at a problem, see all the possibilities rapidly, and get right to the heart of attacking it, while everyone else is still freaking out. I come up with so many possibilities and variables it shocks people. I annalize, think several thoughts at once, marvel at the complexity of the smallest things…but in the moment with people, eventually I seem to alienate them, unless they are also very intellegent. I think so much about everything, I miss things that are currently happening. Now here’s the tough part; I’ve spent most of my life denying my abilities, thoughts like “how can I be so smart, and not fit in’ and ‘How can I understand so much about this person, but not connect?’ etc. I have no acredidation to prove how smart I am, no resources or money (unrelated issues impeding me) I am really feeling stunted and out of my ellement. I need to be tapped somehow, and fullfill my need to excell and learn, but I have no idea how…I think a job where I can use my skill, and keep learning would help, but everyone needs certifications I cant get. Is there anywhere I can apply who will check out my mind themselves to see if I am usefull to their company, without certs? Or will I have to bite the bullet, and wait till I can go back to school? And what about being good at so many things, but the certs only cover a small bit? I dont want to go to school for 10 years to get the certs on things I naturally understand, or be dwarfed by a limited job because that’s where I have the papers…

    • Lisa – This may sound a little funny, first learn to breathe – take a deep breath. Now as you go through this week, make a not of when you feel good when you do something and it energizes you before, during and after – that is a strength. Find 3 strengths that energize you. Not necessarily things you excel at. What 5 areas interest you excessively? What problems do you see that you enjoy studying and are passionate about their solutions? There are many examples of individuals that do not have the degrees are certs that are making things happen. Ask questions of people in the area you want to pursue – people like talking about themselves. Having many interests does not mean you have to choose. Look for a common thread and weave them together, pursue them in sequence, do some vocationally and some for leisure. Let me know your thoughts and other questions.

  4. Alex b. charles says

    Somehow, I’ve always been a bit ahead of my classmates and I’ve been ousted from society. It’s tough living in a world where Smart=Shunned… Sometimes I question if it’s worth it…

    • Alex, wanting to be included, part of, is human nature. We benefit from learning about ourselves and clarifying our needs. We can connect with others. “cliche” We have to be smart about it. We find where like minds can connect – it takes effort and has reward.

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