I Quit!! Have you ever felt that way?

Goals, passions, desires, objectives, creations, ideas, solutions, drive you to keep going, make things happen.  Then there is life, responsibilities, necessities, work, basics that need to be done.  So much to be done….  So much desired…. A dream…. A wish…. A need…. A commitment….

You apply yourself diligently and deliberately with extreme focus and yet manage the rest of life’s demands.  The point comes of exhaustion.  The question arises does it matter?  Is it worth the effort?  Should you continue?  Will it really matter? Why are you doing it?  Are you limiting yourself with such a focus and dedication?

It is enough! No more!  I quit!  And yet, the tendrils of passion and desire have a strong hold.  Do you want to give up on yourself?  You are so close to a major breakthrough, a significant accomplishment.

You push and push to make things happen.  Obstacles and detours come into play.  You take a deep breath and push on.  It all takes its toll.  Enough is enough.  After all you have tried.  The cliché comes to mind “when things get tough the tough get going”.   So you question yourself and ask are you a quitter?

You no longer want to go the road alone.  However, who will understand the inner war you are experiencing?  You are so tired.  Do you have the energy and the desire to reach out, to risk not being understood?

Does this have value to me?  Who will benefit?  What will be the benefit?  Can I take the next step?

Yes the pattern has cycled around again.  This is not the first time on this journey that you have reached this point.  What do you do to move – forward?

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Take time out – a little R & R can make a big difference.
  • Change the activity for a moment, a day, or a week.
  • Do call a friend, a buddy, a master mind colleague, a success team member, a mentor, or an advisor.
  • Journal – let you mind and heart pour itself out on paper in words or pictures.  Let go and let flow – meditation, hot springs, massage, body work, nature hike, a swim, or…..
  • Recognize, acknowledge the cycle and the progress to date.
  • Give yourself that pat on the back.  Plan a little so you can see the next little steps for continued movement.

Dance with happy feet.  The spiral is turning the upward corner!  Quit can be part of your vocabulary and not part of your habits.

What is your experience with quitting and moving on?  Share in the comments.

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